I will miss
Cricket symphony
Taccata and Fugue
Evening murmuring
Howls of hounds
startle geese calling out,
ensuring mate is safe

Winds sings through pine
Trees tell delicate stories
Of bird families held,
nurtured, let go to
Autumn's call

Slight breezes sip upon my
Skin, like puppies blindly
nuzzling for mothers' milk
Calls of silent aching

Last embers of fire smolder
to remind that danger
passed so closely Yet
Spared the predator
No fire too close
No smoke too far

Sleeping ducks alert
The ponds chill and wings
slip to their sides as
Graceful ancient water ballet
Keep safe the delicate dreams

No fear. No drowning
All buoyant and sacred
The moon casts strong
shadows now high
In the heavens

Chickens roost near our
doorways. Heads tucked
into feathered warmth
Familiar as mother hen body
kept chicks warm in safe
sanctions. Only rooster
Awakens to check on mates
Sleep and once again

Crickets lull the illusion
Of summer safety and danger
I will miss warm reminders
I gather the fleece close to
my naked skin.

Dog approaches
To tell me. The season for
Sitting in warmth and
Summer comfort draws
near as the last moth
Circles evening spotlight

I glow with the gifts
Change but elusive. I am
Certain to feel this
Again in the evening

I will miss nothing but
Cricket serenade in
The chorus heard
In another time. Another
World. Another summer night
Ahead of my motion

Enjoy. Change so dear
That the world holds it
Constant. No chaos tonight

Ducks murmur
Geese call
Chickens roost
Breeze touches
Skin cells continue this

September 25, 2010

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